What is COSSMHO?

The National Coalition of Hispanic Health and Human Services Organizations- COSSMHO- is a non-profit membership organization (501C3) dedicated to improving the health and psycho-social well-being of the nation's Hispanic population. Founded in 1974, COSSMHO pursues its mission by conducing national demonstation programs, coordinating research, and serving as a source of information, technical assistance, and policy analysis. COSSMHO is governed by a volunteer board of directors and managed by its President and Chief Executive Officer.

Who does COSSMHO serve?

COSSMHO provides national leadership in identifying and responding to health and human services needs of Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Cuban American, Central American, and Latin American populations. COSSMHO works primarily with community-based organizations in targeting difficult and sometimes controversial problems for national programs- problems such as juvenile deliquency, child abuse and sexual abuse, adolescent pregnancy, diabetes,and AIDS. COSSMHO pursues programs in research, health promotion and disease prevention, and education and training of health care providers.

Is COSSMHO the only national Hispanic Health Organization?

Yes. Other organizations among their members local health providers, but no other national group has public health as its primary mission.

What are COSSMHO's priorities?

For Hispanics, leading concerns include mental health, chronic diseases (diabetes, AIDS ) health promotion and disease prevention, substance abuse, maternal and child care, youth issues, juvenquency, and access to care. Our programs reflect multiple strategies to address these problems - sponsoring community-based programs and interventions; supporting university-based researchers; identifying policy concerns; developing and adapting materials; and developing Hispanic professionals and leaders.

Who makes up COSSMHO?

The membership includes organizations and individuals, and together they number over 700. The organizations include community-based health, mental health, substance abuse, and social services providers. The individuals include practitioners and officials in the fields of public health, medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, and youth services. Research programs and educational institutions are also part of this network. Members and affiliated institutions often serve as local sites for COSSMHO's many projects.

How is COSSMHO funded?

COSSMHO derives its support from federal grants and contracts, foundation support, corporate support, and membership dues. COSSMHO does not accept funds from alcohol or tobacco companies. In addition, COSSMHO provides consulting services on a fee basis. Private donations (which are tax deductible) are always welcome.

COSSMHO Mission Statement

Through the 1990's. COSSMHO's objectives are to:

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